Jeffrey, founder of Grayscale, co-founder of Surround App, is a true entrepreneur who has launched a number of emerging and developing ventures, successful and unsuccessful. Former CCO of, Postmortem HK co-organizer.

Ekaterina Stefashina


Katerina is a 2015 Business School grad from HK University of Science and Technology, with a specialization in corporate finance. In the business school, she spent significant time learning corporate finance, investment analysis and business that result in a solid knowledge. In 2012, she graduated at the top of her class from Far East University of Russia. During her internship, she dealt with a variety of budgets and conducted market research, advised on a marketing strategy of a newly started business. The experience allowed her to learn important skills and to develop the confidence needed to succeed in a competitive environment.

Karen Contet Farzam


Co-Founder of W Hub and Women Who Code HK. W Hub is a profile driven platform for startups to unleash their whole potential with meaningful connections:

  • showcase your startup
  • grow your team: post jobs and contact talent
  • raise funds

Women Who Code HK is a non-profit organisation inspiring women to excel in technology careers.

Furuzonfar Zehni


Tajik born, raised in Yemen, Sweden, Russia and living in HK and having worked in China and the US, is as international and random as you can get. He started his first business venture, at 15, by putting together custom-build desktops and selling them for premiums. From there onwards, having worked with great teams in agriculture, social enterprise incubation, technology, Furuzonfar can’t get rid of the entrepreneurial bug, nor does he really want to. He believes in Lean startup methodologies, Design Thinking, and failing fast and often.