Request for speakers


At Postmortem Conference we are all about sharing the lessons learned in startup failures, be it as a founder, an investor, an employee, a lawyer, a mentor or other close roles you played in that startup.

Do you have a failure story you were leading in and you want to share the lessons you learned from this? Come and share that story on 17th October in Hong Kong!

  1. First of all: respect! It takes courage to share failures!

  2. Second: let us know by filling out the form below and write a little excerpt on what the story is you want to share, and last but not least: what you learned from it

Need inspiration? Have a look at Martin Kesslers very personal story about dealing with failure and Derek Kwik’s experiences with investing in startups from last years conference. We also have one slot available for a critics point of view, for instance look at Jeffrey Broer’s Startup Bullshit talk.

  • We are looking for 6 speakers in total, a morning session of 3 speakers and an afternoon session (30-45 minutes per speaker ending with a fireside chat for Q&A per session of 3 speakers).

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